Bisou. Concept


A new approach to the cocktail, each adapted to your preferences and to the season.

At Bisou, we’ll never hand you a menu since we don't have one!

Why ?
Because without a menu, you’re free to share with our bartenders your tastes, preferences, and even mood and they’ll craft a you a bespoke cocktail based on all that with seasonal ingredients.

Seasonal ingredients ?
As true cocktail enthusiasts, we are very sensitive to the quality of our ingredients which is always seasonably dependent. 
We use exclusively fresh produce from France.

What’s the result ?
You are served only the best cocktails every night.

Bisou. Style

  • Forget the fear of facing a needlessly complex menu!  At Bisou, we’ll discuss with you that the ideal cocktail is for you at that very moment.

  • Our staff is composed disparate personalities who all share in common a passion for creativity and service.

  • We know each of the 200 bottles in our bar by heart and we love what is inside them! Even more, we love to mix them in cocktails or introduce you to them with a tasting!

  • We respect our planet 


Local & Seasonal produce

All of our juice, syrup and other liquids are made in house only with local and seasonal produce!


We strive to make use of every bit of every fruit or vegetable at Bisou. For example, we dehydrate the remains of fruit to create an edible garnish for a future cocktail.

Bon voyage to plastic straws!

We love our ocean friends so we’ve decided to not use plastic straws! It is much more ecologically responsible and a lot cooler to drink out of a metal straw.